Fellow Shirin Fozi (left) examines a ninth-century manuscript while researching figural tomb sculpture in the Holy Roman Empire.

To recognize those who have invested in ACLS and have realized the important legacy a planned gift creates, ACLS has established the 1919 Society.

Named for the year of our founding, the 1919 Society and its members celebrate ACLS’s many decades of achievements as the foremost proponent for academic humanities in the United States.  At the same time, 1919 Society members recognize the importance of providing financial support to help ACLS extend its essential role in keeping humanistic knowledge vital during the next century and beyond. 

Everyone who has notified ACLS of an estate intention, such as a bequest or a beneficiary designation on a retirement fund, is recognized as a member of the 1919 Society.

1919 Society members are forward-thinking individuals who make plans today for a better tomorrow.